Prime Constel envisions becoming the unique solution providers of information, insight and skills needed for upward mobility of businesses across the globe.

About Us

Welcome to Prime Constel Company Ltd. Health research, project monitoring and evaluation across the globe are facing challenges on how to overcome the diverse competition trends in order to stay afloat and in positive mobility. These dynamic and competitive challenges demand smart players and thinkers who without relenting will always work hard with a vision of giving the business uncompromised forward thrust towards a retained profitability path.

To help towards this goal, consultancy and training becomes an important tool in helping the company make informed and wise decision in its path of growth.

Prime Constel Company Ltd exists to give you this important tool and you will be assured of profitability and relevance of your company’s business endeavors.

Our areas of engagement are: Health Research, Project Monitoring & Evaluations, Training & Capacity Building

Our Clients