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The leadership and governance happens at all levels in an institution. Its also called stewardship, is arguably the most complex but critical building block of any institution It requires both political and technical action, because it involves reconciling competing demands for limited resources in changing circumstances. There is no blueprint for effective health leadership and governance. While ultimately it is the responsibility of government, this does not mean all leadership and governance functions have to be carried out by central ministries of health.

We recognize that good leadership and governance is an integral enabler of wiser strategic planning that make systems stronger and resource mobilization that sustains service delivery.

Thematic Areas.

  • Strategy implementation and development advisory
  • Conducting capacity building
  • Advising on appointing, appraising and removing of staffs/members.
  • Monitoring organization stewardship
  • Conducting of oversight of risk and quality policies and procedures
  • Ensuring the firm complies with all relevant regulatory and legal requirements within the operation jurisdiction.

Our Clients